Our Amenities

Our development features state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class amenities, including business parks, logistics centers, retail areas, hotels etc.

Amenities in Ala Resort

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Power Supply

Based on the projected energy need of the development, a hybrid power system consisting of a connection to the national grid through BEDC facilities and a backup power plant will be put in place to provide an adequate and reliable power supply that will meet the demands of Ala Resort now and in the future.

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Water Supply

Raw water will be treated using conventional Water Treatment Plants (WTP) and stored in reservoirs located at an elevated point site and relying on gravity for water distribution within the scheme. The capacity of the water supply system shall be sufficient to cater to the anticipated normal Water Demand per day and be able tomanage daily peak flow requirements.

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Storm Water Management

The goal of the stormwater management plan is to holistically manage stormwater runoff within the project area to minimize the impacts of flooding. Green infrastructure and stormwater strategies shall be incorporated into the public realm through the roadways, sidewalks, and open recreational spaces.

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Solid Waste

An efficient solid waste management strategy cutting across the collection, transport, processing, disposal, managing, and monitoring of waste materials generated within the Ala Resort will be put in place to reduce its effects on health, the environment, and aesthetics.

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Waste Water

A wastewater management strategy has been put in place to effectively treat and manage the wastewater generated within Ala Resort. A utility plot located along the eastern boundary of the project site has been earmarked for the installation of Sewage Treatment Plants and pumping stations.

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The planned road network consists of a balanced network of collector and local roads providing access to every part of the site and creating a nice walkable neighborhood with easy connections. The three hierarchies incorporated which include the local, major, and minor collector roads will help define the roads carrying long-distance, inter-district, and local neighborhood traffic respectively.


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